Business and IT architects – We build bridges

Success based on the synchronisation of processes and systems

Methods / Success Factors

HIR GmbH defines the essential internal success factors of an IT/organisational project and their interrelationship as follows:

  • lean and efficient business processes;
  • suitable organisational structures;
  • reliable master data;
  • suitable system functions; and
  • a high level of staff competence and motivation.

We consider these success factors as equally important. In terms of corporate objectives, however, normally the efficiency of the business processes is paramount.

Company > Requirements

  • Local/global organisation
  • Business processes
  • Company development

Employees > Utilisation

  • Acceptance/motivation
  • Know-how/training
  • Performance

IT system > Performance

  • SCM Supply Chain Management
  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
  • PPS Production Planning and Scheduling
  • MES Manufacturing Execution Systems