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Interactive check lists “Powered by Checkvision”

Checkvision is a new Web 2.0 internet platform for interactively managing requirements and decisions. As a partner, HIR GmbH uses the Checkvision platform both for own public check lists and for creating specification sheets and tendering of individual client projects. Click here for more information… (in German only)


MES D.A.CH-Verband

The MES D.A.CH-Verband is a network for MES suppliers and users and provides a platform for exchanging experiences, talking about trends and news or discussing possibilities for further development. As a member and neutral partner, HIR GmbH draws up all interactive check lists of the MES D.A.CH-Association which are at the same time the basis for the market surveys published in trade magazines. Click here for more information… (in German only)




Eysmondt pursues a holistic approach to consulting because you are convinced that the biggest value levers are a viable and consistent strategy combined with coordinated management, process and organizational structure. Based on this understanding of the business, you and your clients (management, investors and shareholders) develop tailor-made solutions in the areas of management consulting, investment consulting and follow-up advice. Click here for more information…


RKW Hessen

RKW Hessen (an association that provides consultancy services and support for companies) is a competent partner for all questions related to practical corporate management. 16 working groups involving more than 300 companies play a significant role in this association. HIR GmbH, represented by Dr Harald Hoff, is the Technical Head of the working group “Economic production” (Efficient production). Click here for more information… (in German only)