Business and IT architects – We build bridges

Expertise and a neutral approach to finding the best solution


HIR GmbH is committed to a clear corporate philosophy:

  • explicit differentiation from system integrators, system houses, distribution and logo partners of software/hardware manufacturers based on our absolute neutrality;
  • no cooperation with manufacturers and IT services providers, no distribution of hardware/software products (with the exception of own check lists and market surveys);
  • our thinking focuses on projects, aiming at transferring processes and systems to the client from day one;
  • entrepreneurial thinking and acting on the basis of feasible goals:
    • increase in efficiency;
    • standardisation;
    • process reliability;
    • rollout capability;
    • measurability (ROI);
  • team-oriented approach when dealing with IT system/service providers, the client’s key knowledge holders and professional HIR consultants;
  • no commitment to certain SCM strategies or planning and steering methods: HIR GmbH has an outstanding command of “Kanban”, “Flow Manufacturing” and “MRP II”, but also of new Advanced Planning and Scheduling methods, Supply Chain methods and Just-in-time methods. We always apply the solution that suits the customer’s processes best.