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Management of requirements and decisions

Check lists and market surveys

Which HIR check lists and market survey in relation to IT concepts and selection projects are available and … how can we use them?

HIR check lists and market surveys referring to the management of requirements and decisions are “powered by Checkvision” and

  • are interactive and available free of charge in general versions on our homepage or
  • can be individualised for specific projects.


Each check list is based on professional lists of characteristics and function descriptions which are derived from HIR GmbH’s day-to-day work on client projects and tried and tested in practice. These check lists provide an excellent introduction into their respective topic and the relevant supplier market, if applicable.

In addition to the aforementioned check lists and market surveys, HIR GmbH provides a number of individual check lists that have been developed from small and large consultancy projects. These check lists are not for sale, but usually play a part in HIR consulting projects, of course in a neutralised form.